Brent Celebrates 20 Years in Real Estate!

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20 balloons is fun. 99 Balloons is a truly great effort. But 200 balloons is just sheer perfection in celebrating 20 years in Real Estate!  It has been two decades of helping clients navigate the waters of buying and selling, moving into dream homes and buying first investments, sizing up and scaling back.  It’s 20 years of building relationships with the community and developing a closely knit team that runs like a well oiled machine.  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of making the last 20 years such a huge success!

In honor of 20 years, let’s take a look back at the world when it all began:

  • The Oilers 20th season (98/99) lineup included names like Kelly Buchberger, Todd Marchant, Ryan Smyth and Marty McSorley.  Peter Pocklington was owner and we lost Curtis Joseph in the off season and Doug Weight to injury.
  • Titanic becomes the first movie to gross over a billion dollars and won the Academy Award for Best Picture
  • Saving Private Ryan, There’s Something About Mary and Armageddon were also among the biggest movies of the year
  • Harrison Ford was named People’s ’Sexiest Man Alive’
  • Will Smith’s "GettinJiggy wit it" and Aerosmith’s "I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing" topped the music charts
  • And who can forget the emergence of Britney Spears?
  • Victoria ’Posh Spice’ and David Beckham get engaged
  • Seinfeld aired it’s final episode
  • Sex and the City premiered on HBO
  • And teenagers everywhere fell for the cast of Dawson’s Creek
  • Disney released Mulan 
  • Apple released the iconic iMac computer
  • The Furby was on every Christmas wish list
  • The shaving game was changed with the release of Gillette’s ’Mach 3’
  • Monica and Chandler get together in the season finale of Friends
  • Bill Clinton.  Monica Lewinsky.
  • The ice storm that took over Ontario and Quebec
  • Female ice hockey makes its mark on the Olympics
  • Elton John is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II
  • Mark Messier is a Canuck and becomes the 4th player to score 1,600 points
  • Peyton Manning is the first pick by the Indianapolis Colts

And among these fun facts of 1998, there are are the heroic men and women serving each day of each year, defending our freedom and safety.  We would like to take a moment to honor each and every person who has chosen this path, and say thank you, for everything you do for your country, and for the people who are proud to call Canada ’Home’. 

If you are thinking of buying or selling, our team of professionals is here to help you every step of the way. Our comprehensive knowledge of the market, combined with years of experience will help make your transaction a success.  If you are unsure of where you sit, we are happy to provide you with a complimentary market evaluation. We are never to busy for our clients, and we always appreciate your referrals.

Have a great month!

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A donation from the sale of properties will be made to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.