September 2018

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Well the sun is shining again today, and the snow has disappeared, but September has had it’s share of wonky seasonal weather patterns that had us digging out boots and snow brushes well before we were ready!  We appreciate every RSVP to our outdoor movie event, and look forward to rescheduling and connecting with you all this spring.

We recently enjoyed a team photo shoot, we all seem to clean up pretty well!  Having professional photos done in the fall can be a great tradition, a way to capture the moment and relish it for years to come.  Fall is a perfect time to do this as the leaves change and we can take advantage of those changing colors and fresh back to school haircuts and outfits.  Portraits also make for a great gift for upcoming holidays or cards.  So here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of your session:


1.  PLAN WELL:  A huge part of successful family photos is simply being well planned.  Book well in advance.  Have a location that suits your vision.  Speak with your photographer and ask for suggestions on a background or site you may not have thought of.  Also, when choosing a session slot, ensure it works well with the needs of your family.  Consider schedule conflicts such as nap time, leave sufficient time to have everyone ready AND travel to the site, and ensure everyone is well fed prior to heading out.

2.  THINK SOLID:  When you choose a color or theme for your photos, think solids over patterns. While an accent or highlight pattern or texture can add to the photo, too many patterns together will be distracting.  Also try to avoid "character" outfits or tshirts with large logos.

3.  START WITH ONE PIECE:  If you cannot decide on a color theme, go with a single article of clothing that you absolutely love and build the look from there.  

4.  COORDINATE, NOT COPY:  The trend of everyone in the exact same color scheme (think ALL blue jeans and white tshirts) is alot more flexible today.  Instead, think coordination of colors, and aim for a palette of colors that compliment each other.


5.  BE AHEAD OF THE GAME:  If you have photos booked, chances are you’ve had to do so well in advance, so don’t leave outfits to the last minute.  Having everyone ready, hair combed and smiling at once can be stressful enough, so don’t add in the panic that comes from ill fitting clothes or a last minute ditch effort at the mall.

6.  CONSIDER YOUR LOCATION:  Summer and beach shoots usually call for whites or softer tones of aquas and pinks, while fall is a time to highlight foliage color blending or heavy darks.  Will the colors you have chosen blend into the background, or stand out?  Complimenting your surroundings is as important as complimenting eachother


7.  GO FOR COMFORT:  That those stilletos and hat may look ultra chic, if you are uncomfortable in your outfit, it will come thru in your photos.  While the kids may look super cute in that tutu or tshirt and vest, ensure the outfit they wear is appropriate for the weather.  A freezing cold kid is not a happy, smiling kid.​

8. CONSIDER ACCESSORIES:  Not only can simple accessories enhance and polish your overall look, a necklace or bracelet can be a great distraction to little ones when needed!  A scarf or belt is also a great way to add texture to a photograph.​

9. THINK TIMELESS:  We all love a good trend, but when it comes to photos, we want to love our family look beyond the 2018 fashion season.  Go for simple, classic clothes and looks.

10. CONSIDER TRAVEL PHOTOS:  Is your family heading on a vacation?  Consider something completely different by hiring a photographer at your destination.  Many all inclusive resorts have photography on site.  Hotels will often be happy to suggest a local photographer, or you can do your own research and narrow down to a photographer that fits your budget.


If you are thinking of buying or selling, our team of professionals is here to help you every step of the way.  It’s no secret, the market is a competitive one, so allow our experience and commitment be the key to your success.  If you would like to know exactly where you stand, we are happy to offer you a complimentary market evaluation.  If you know someone who is looking to buy or sell a home, we always appreciate your referrals and never take them for granted.​

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