July 2017: Canada Turns 150!

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Happy July!  We hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend!  Everyone has seen the popular hashtag #CANADA150, so what does it mean?  It means Happy 150th Birthday to Canada!  While our country has been around longer than 150 years, this year, Canada commemorates our confederation under the British North America Act:

" 150 years ago, the British North America Act was passed by Parliament in London, combining three British colonies — Canada (Ontario and Quebec), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick — into a single Dominion of Canada." 

So just how much have we changed over the last 150+ years?


1861:  3,295,706

2016:  35,151,728

  •  The largest city was Montreal with 100,000 residents
  • In 1861, 79% of people living in Canada were born in Canada
  • Out of 837,718 recorded labourers, approximately 41% (342,649) of jobs were on the farm. 
  • Electric Telegraph stations were prevalent in every province of British North America, to a total of 471 stations.
  • By 1865, the Grand Trunk Railway, which included the Montréal and Champlain and the Buffalo and Lake Huron railways, was 1,377 miles long and its road and equipment alone had cost $81 million.

"Back in 1871, not long after Confederation, most Canadians lived in rural areas. Now, more than 80 per cent of Canadians live in metropolitan areas and towns with a core of at least 10,000 people, according to the 2016 census." - Global News


1915:  2.3%
2015:  28.2%

1873 - Northwest Mounted Police organized

1881 - Population reaches 4,328,000

1917 - Personal income tax introduced as temporary war measure

1928 - First transatlantic telephone calls made from Canada

1947 -Oil discovered near Leduc, Alta.

1962 - Trans-Canada Highway declared open

AND in EDMONTON?  Incorporated as a city in 1904, our history may not go back 150 years, but time have sure changed for us in under 50!

What was Edmonton like in 1971....

Population:  436,264

Average Housing Price:  $22,227

Minimum Wage: $1.55/hour

Tallest Building:  Telus Plaza South (134.4 meters)

Price of Oil:  $2.24 US/barrel

Cost to Mail a Letter:  $0.07

Bread:  5 for $0.95

Pound of Bacon:  $0.75

Movie Ticket:  $1.50

Shopping:  Southgate Centre...it had more than 65 stores!

Most Popular Vehicles:  Chevy Impala and Ford Galaxy

Alberta Legislature - Constructed 1908-1913

CPR Depot, Strathcona, 1908-1911 (via streetviewkyle.com)

Whyte Ave, 1910 (via streetviewkyle.com)

Times may be changing, but the one constant is growth and development.  That is where we come in.  Whether a change means you are sizing up, sizing down, moving towns or even countries, our team is here to help you every step of the way.  Our years of professional experience combined with our dedication to success means we do everything we can to ensure you have a transition as smooth as possible.  If you are thinking of buying or selling in this market, hiring a team with comprehensive knowledge and experience is key.  If you want to know your homes current market value, we are happy to provide a complimentary assessment.  If you know someone else thinking of joining the market, we never take your referrals for granted.

Have a fantastic summer,

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