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Can we get a current energy reading on our capital city?  Oilers are in the playoffs (Round 2 at that!) for the first time since 2006.  Our brand new Rogers Place arena is making headlines as we entertain sell out crowds, even for away games, for which tickets sales go to the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation.  Our fans showed true Edmonton spirit by belting out the American national anthem, word-for-word, when the building mic system failed.  Flags hanging from vehicle windows range from small to full size, and even grocery stores have spelled out their support in colorful cases of the thematic #OrangeCrush.  Seeing our city come together in support and excitement is something we can be proud of, something that well represents the heart and soul of our incredible city.

To top it off, spring has decided to make a grand slam entrance and shove summer into the mix.  While we know better than to get our hopes up, we’ll embrace it while it lasts!  Golf courses are prime to open, convertible tops are down, motorbikes are out, and folks have dusted off the flip flops and bbq brush in preparation for the warm weekend forecast.  One of the larger indications of warmer weather, are the trailers lining driveways and heading down the roads in anticipation of this month’s long weekend.  If you plant to store your RV at home while cleaning, prepping and packing, ensure you are aware of the local bylaws.  Here are a few of the highlight points:


RVs are permitted to park on the road in residential neighborhoods for up to 36 hours (must be attached to a vehicle).

RVs must not block traffic or pedestrians.

RVs must not overhang the sidewalk or road.

RVs cannot be parked on landscaped areas, including front and side yards, on your property.

What comes along with camping season?  Camp fires.  Many of us remember where we were a year ago when we heard about "The Beast", the massive fire that ravaged Fort McMurray and caused Alberta’s largest evacuation as 88,000 people fled for their lives.  It was another example of our city coming to the needs of others, and the greatest way we can continue to support the cause is to be diligent and responsible in working to ensure that devastation of this magnitude is an experience that remains in the past.  Here are our top fire safety tips:

Ensure that your fire is legal, and look for fire ban notices

Never leave a campfire unattended. Ever.

Your campfire should have a 5 foot perimeter of soil

Have water nearby

Never throw a cigarette out the car window Avoid burning in windy conditions

Use fireworks safely, responsibly and in a proper area

Heat from the exhaust of a vehicle or ATV can cause grass to start on fire, so be aware of bans, carry water and do not park on dry vegetation.

The month of May is off to a great start!  We wish you all safe and sun filled weeks ahead.  If the sunshine has you thinking of buying or selling your home, we are here to help.  Our team is happy to provide you with a complimentary home evaluation, or answer any questions you may have in regards to current market trends.  If you know of anyone else who is looking to join today’s market, anywhere in the world, we can help, and never take your referrals for granted.

Go Oilers!

The Brent MacIntosh Real Estate Team

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